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Who we are and what do we provide?

Media Production

Well produced content through knowhow & experience

We offer consultancy services primarily to production companies to develop, produce and line up film-/commercial- & TV projects. Depending on the project and its current needs, the company support their clients through the whole or parts of a production; from creative development to budgeting, design of strategies and production management. Our goal is to always deliver the very the best, within budget and the time frames given.


a Strong Body & Strong Mind

By providing health concept services to customers through social media, online content and training services we want to help people to a happier and healthier lifestyle. We offer coaching and energy healing by certified Geo Love Healing practioner upon request. Healing sessions can be made from distance and in the safety of your own home. Want more information about what energy healing can do for your wellbeing? Click here


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The Team

CEO & Producer
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Hillevi Råberg

Hillevi Råberg is educated in Media & Communication, Social Psychology, Leadership & Organisation and in Film Production Management. She has worked in the media industry since 1997 with a wide range of projects; from commercials to complex multimillion productions. She has a long experience in managing team and projects in different environments, countries and organisations. She’s passionate about creative processes and human interactions and communication in general. Since 2014 she has worked as a freelance producer, mainly with international projects. In 2021 she also became a certified energy healer. Her vision for the company is apart from producing content, to expand and diversify the company into several business areas; including health, wellbeing, and trading.

Web Designer & Video Editor

Linus Råberg

Linus Råberg is a sixth form college student specialised in computer science and communication. He just joined the company and is the tech guru,webmaster and editor all in one. He is also certified in managing windows operating systems. He’s passionate about creating stories with his computer, administrating tech stuff, gaming and travelling. His creative skills are a much-welcomed asset to the company.