a Strong Body & Strong Mind 

Our health and wellbeing are one of our biggest assets. We believe that a strong mind, body and soul are the keys to a happier and more balanced life. There is not just one way to achieve a more abundant, successful and happy life, why we like to work with different areas and perspectives. One of our tools is to work with energy and energy healing. 

Another of our services is to guide clients in how to make more profound lifestyle changes. All humans have a need and desire to feel a purpose and fulfilment in their lives. Not only in their private life but also in their work space. We believe it all starts with “you”. No matter if you are looking for a personal change or want to grow your team or your business, the “you” is the first place to start.

Energy Healing Therapy

What is energy healing? How does it work? What are the beneficials?

Energy healing is an alternative, holistic form of medicine practise. It has been practised for thousands of years and the description of relieving pain by “laying hands” has been found in ancient Egypt papyrus dating as far back as 1500 B.C. 

Easily put energy healing is a form of practise to help open up the body’s energy centres (chakras) to make energy flow more easily throughout the body.  This helps to restore both mental and physical health and to create a sense of balance in your body and mind.

Most clients ask for energy healing therapy to reduce stress or anxiety, to deal with depression or burnouts, to reduce or remove pain in specific areas or simply to get a general energy “boost”.

Primarily we work the body’s energy centres to remove old, stored energy and replace it with a better flow. It can be used both to treat underlying traumas or mental issues but also help the natural healing process of the body. 

It’s based on the theory that everything in the universe is composed by molecules vibrating at various frequencies and creating energy. This includes the molecules in our body which are constantly vibrating and radiating at different frequencies (positive or negative). When the cells in our body are misaligned and vibrating at a low frequency this creates an imbalance in our chakras. Imbalanced chakras effect our overall wellbeing, create blockages and stores up bad energy. If not cleansed and removed, over time the imbalances contribute to mental, emotional and/or physical issues. Since everything in our body is intervened, it’s not rare that underlying mental or emotional problems eventually express themselves as physical health problem.

Everyone can benefit from energy healing. It’s a pleasant and powerful therapy helping you to connect to your inner source of vibrancy and life force. There is often a misconception that it’s only for “spiritual people”. But energy healing is available to anyone interested and willing to receive it. 

There are many different forms of energy healings and the one we offer is reiki based but with a mix of different techniques, depending on the client and his or her needs. We always want to make sure that the healing we offer, is the most suitable for the client, why the first session is always proceeded by a consultation to get a better understanding; what are the needs? Which results can be expected and how is an energy session performed? Energy healings can be made live upon special request, but we primarily offer distance healings. The benefits of that are several: they can be performed in the environment of your own home; you don’t need to travel and the session can be made no matter where in the world you are based.

If you are interested in energy healing for a specific health problem, please don’t stop taking your medicines or undergoing medical treatments. Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your treatment plans. Energy healing is effective as an independent therapy form and can help you speed up your body’s natural abilities to heal, but is to be viewed as a complementary to traditional western medicine and healthcare.

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Lifestyle changes

Often, people start with energy healing finds themselves wanting to dig deeper into the subject. Or feel the need to make more profound lifestyle changes. We are happy to guide you further if that’s the case. Except working with energy, we believe some of the keys to personal growth and changes, are a positive mindset, good health, well set up routines and right support. That is also one of the core values of our company. By the end of the day a happy co-worker makes a better job than the one who’s not. 

We can provide you with coaching on different levels; how to change a negative mindset into a more positive, how to get a healthier lifestyle, better structure, how to recover from a burnout or how to become a better leader. 

The qualification of our company is not only based in theoretical studies, but also by years of practise and management experience. We know how to motivate, support and bring out the very best of your personal resources. Our take on it, is from a more holistic point view and suitable for anyone who is ready to take their first or steps towards a “lifestyle makeover”.

For the time being we can only offer one-to-one coaching to a few selected clients. 

Such mission is always proceeded by a free online consultation. We won’t take a client on, unless we believe that we can actually help him/her. Our goal is to have happy clients, getting the results they are looking for. If we, after a consultation, feel that we are not what you need or looking for, we will do our very best to guide you to someone who can. 

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“Beautiful experience and much alignment”

“I did not expect anything upfront. But it was absolutely great to see, that so many things Hillevi said resonated with me and my current life situation. It was really astonishing to see how everything fits together”

“She was unreal! Fantastic lady”

“I felt that she gave it her all and really helped understand what I wanted clearing and intentions were set. I learned so much from her”

“Such a beautiful person. I would highly recommend her healings!”

“Hillevi Thank you for the beautiful healing experience. I am still floating! It was lovely and you have an amazing energy. I look forward to keeping in touch with you”


* The sessions are made by a certified Geo Love Healing Practioner. 

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